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Hi my lovely readers!

I am back with my food review non other than PANCAKES!

Before I went back to my country for a month, I thought of doing a food hunting video around Harajuku. I had picked out 3 places that I wanted to try. All of these cafes were my first time trying them. So here is the link for the video. Hope you guys enjoy it!

In this post I would like to do a review on one of the cafes that I went which is the WORKINGHOLIDAY CONNECTION CAFE. This cafe is located as the same row as the Tokyu Plaza in Harajuku. It is located at the 2nd floor of the YM SQUARE Harajuku building, the same floor as the WEGO and in the same building with the KAWAII MONSTER CAFE (which I will be trying out soon).

The cafe is quite big for a Japanese cafe. It is very “International”. The waitress there could speak English and some other languages, all written at their name tags. So if you can’t speak Japanese, not to worry, they can speak English. Not just that, their chefs are all non Japanese people.

Here is the menu that they have.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb1 preset

I picked out the original pancake of course and it cost me 1,200yen. I wouldn’t say the cafe here is cheap because the GRAMS you can definitely get cheaper price and as you can see in the menu, the original pancake is like the CHEAPEST pancake that they have. However, you will get the best pancake from the price duh.

This is the Original Pancake!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

It is very soft like softer than the gram pancakes. I saw the chef beat the mixture until it is super thick so that it could be as soft and light as the sugar candy. However, like I said in the video, the taste of the egg is quite strong but that is why they served it with the maple syrup, whipping cream, ice cream and some bananas. I would say that the whipping cream is not that sweet but you don’t need everything sweet right. If you mixed it all together, the sweetness of the maple syrup and ice cream combined with the saltiness of the pancake, its PERFECT combination. Recommending it to all the pancakes lovers out there.





Hey again!

New semester had just started so I’m quite free but well report is coming soon so hahaha. Welcome back to normal student life. Lets get to the point shall we.

 If you know me, I love pretty things especially food. I LOVE DESSERT AND LOVE TO MAKE THEM. Basically, I love sweet stuff plus pretty and also spicy food. One of my fav dessert is PANCAKE. I don’t know if it is categorized as a dessert or breakfast meal but for me pancake is my breakfast and dessert. Yum yum. I really love when my mom makes pancake for breakfast. I ate most of em. Well, starting with three pieces of pancakes (slices or pieces?) with maple syrup and vanilla ice cream and sometimes with chocolate sauce( if I have it in the fridge) and then I’ll eat another 2 or 3 more pancakes. 3 isn’t enough you know. Its breakfast! If I go to McDonald for breakfast, my usual set will be pancake of course. I love their maple syrup and the pancake so big but I think they should add one more slice. haha. So that is just the story of how much I love pancake but today I’m gonna write a review maybe. Kind of.

I went to Osaka with my family last Christmas. So me, my mom n my sister were waiting for my brothers and my dad buying some shoes or clothes I don’t know. We went to this cafe called gram at the Shinsaibashi street. I saw this fluffy pancake but they only sell it on limited time at 11am, 3pm and 6pm but I got there around 7pm so I couldn’t order that. So we just ordered  fruit French toast and the other one was classic pancake and tea. The cafe had this rule where everyone needs to order at least one thing in the menu. So we had to order three things because there were 3 of us. The pancake was quite big but not as big as the McDonald’s pancake. It was just slightly bigger than a normal size but not a big difference. It was so soft and when mixed with fruits, so yummy and yes of course sweet. Luckily we ordered the tea and got free plain water. I was so excited because I got to eat the pancake. Sorry but I don’t have the picture of it. So that was the pancake that I got during my family holiday. It was unplanned pancake day. Yeay for me.

I went there again with my friend during the Golden Week cause I went to Osaka and again I didn’t manage to get the fluffy pancake. Instead we ordered tiramisu pancake for me and classic for my friend. Again I give a thumbs up for gram pancake. They seriously make a very soft pancake even if its not the fluffy one and it is so big. We couldn’t finish em and I was feeling so sad that I couldn’t finish it because pancake is my fav food but I’m so full that time. But I still feel glad that I could eat pancake cause I didn’t get to eat pancake ever since I come to Japan and that was my first. I was so happy cause I was craving and dying for pancakes.

When I got back to Tokyo, I thought of doing pancake hunting but of course it requires money. And also I still want to try the fluffy pancake they sell in gram cafe.  So I did research and I found they have GRAM CAFE in TOKYO. YEAYYYYY!!! It is located in Harajuku along the Takeshita Street. So one fine Saturday, I decided to go there. I reach there around 3.30pm so I thought I could try the fluffy pancake. But 😭😭😭I didn’t know that they distribute ticket one hour earlier for that pancake and I cried cause I didn’t get to eat them. It was so heartbreaking and I didn’t have any mood at all after that. so after a while I regain my mood and I decided to come again on Monday.

This is the Takeshita street 

you’ll find this crepe stall and there is a junction to gram on the left.

the gram cafe in HARAJUKU

I went there again and reached there around 2.30pm and I was like “YES! I GOT IT” was so excited. my number was 16 and my turn will be on 4.30pm. I was really shocked that time. I need to wait again WHAT! I thought I could just eat at 3pm but I was wrong😭😭😭. So I went for shopping at Harajuku. Bought some clothes and some souvenirs for my family. Till it was almost 4.30pm I went to have my fluffy pancake. That was my lunch actually. I just gave me my ticket number and then wait for my pancake. hihi. So excited. When it has arrived I was so happy and OMG MY DREAM CAME TRUE😍😍😍. I can see it was so fluffy and jiggly and the person beside me was like “wow! I want that one too! So fluffy” and I was like “HAHA THIS IS MINE!!” in my head. They serve the pancake with maple syrup of of course and whipping cream and also butter. It was three stack of pancake and it was going to fall so I had to eat them fast! It was of course softer than the normal pancake but it didn’t like melt that fast or literally melts in the mouth. The pancake itself wasn’t that sweet and that is why you need to eat it with the cream and maple syrup. SUPERB COMBINATION. But I think if they serve with ice cream it would be much better. I don’t know is there any other better fluffy pancake than this but I just thought fluffy pancake should just melt in the mouth directly but it was super soft. You dont really need to chew much you know. The price was less than 1000yen so I would say it is affordable. I think I would give 8.5/10. I really hate that I need to wait again after coming there 1 hour earlier cause they make this so limited. I love the sweetness and it was so soft but I think that I had more expectation so a bit disappointment  that it didn’t directly melt but it was super super soft. It was worth it. I love it. I’ll try to hunt more pancakes and other dessert too!!

Here is the menu


last but not least the gram PREMIUM PANCAKE





Here would be some appetizer before the real game begins. NOPE this is not foodappetizer (SORRY) This is my 2 weeks life before I start my classes. It was a very very nice two weeks which I hope I could turn back time and stay in that two weeks😣

When we first arrived in Tokyo, we stayed at the seminar house in Hachioji. I loved the building, the design was so interesting (for me). We stayed for like 2-3 days differ by flights. Then we got separated and everyone had to go to their new living place. So I will be going to Gyoutoku (in Chiba, nearby Tokyo), that is where I live now. It’s an apartment. Living in the city, don’t expect to have got a cheap house. Well, basically Japan houses are small but for that price and in the city, you’ll get a smaller house. If you’re living somewhere in the countryside you might get a chance to live in a bungalow even cheaper than my house cost. Eventhough my house ain’t that big but it’s really convenient. All the convenient stores are nearby, lots of halal restaurant, we have sushi and also halal supermarket. All in walking distance and not to forget my train line is cheap. Continue reading “APPETIZER”