Ramadhan In Perantauan 2017

I had to skip some of my stories (Golden Week) but I’ll share with you later 😉. It’s EID MUBARAK people. SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN. Hope you guys are having a great time with family and friends and also delicious ketupat rendang kuih muih and all sorts of raya food. My post today will be about my first Ramadhan in “perantauan” 💁. I’ll share my raya too, soon but lets get this one done first.

How was my Ramadhan in perantauan?

I don’t know. Well, Ramadan without family is normal cause its the same when I was in high school. Puasa kat sekolah dengan kawan, sama je 💁.LOL. Of course there are some major differences.


Because it is almost summer, as you all know, “siang panjang, malam pendek” kinda problem. In Malaysia we (me) always had our sahur at 5.00 to 5.30am before Subuh and of course berbuka at around 7pm and above except for Sabah Sarawak. Here, the “berbuka” time is almost the same. In the early of Ramadan it was 6.40pm+ but in the end it did reach to 7pm. How about subuh? Subuh here is around 2.30am😪. So what I did was, I had my sahur around 12.30 or 1am or later. Then I’ll stay awake till Subuh. Why? Cause if I sleep, I’ll 😴😴😴 and miss my Subuh. I think the toughest thing is to wake up for Subuh. You had like just 1 or 2 hours of sleep and then you need to wake up again, its hard for me. If it’s a nap its easy but this ain’t a nap, this my night sleep time, my deep sleep. There is one time I did sleep and I did wake up around 3am and the moment I opened my eyes, I felt 地震(earthquake). It felt like kind of a bad start of the day. I felt so frustrated to move from my bed cause my mind was like “WHAT? WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED? WAS IT JISHIN?” I don’t know how to describe it but it was like “WHAT?!” So I’ll make sure that I don’t sleep till I had my subuh prayer done.


I think my craving was kuih. Cause everytime Iftar, I’ll have my kuih first. I’l eat my kurma then the kuih muih. i like the sweet one, like tepung pelita, lompat tikam (I think thats the name) rather than something fried like popia and so on. So we don’t have bazar Ramadan here of course. Luckily there is this one senpai, who did sell tepung pelita.

So we ordered a few cause all of us was craving for it. The taste wasn’t exactly the same but it was fine. You still got that sweet taste so it was fine for me. I did had my berbuka at Tokyo Cami Mosque. Free food for Iftar you know. The food was really nice and they had pudding (kind of pudding. Not really sure what was it). I was excited for that and I saved it for last eventhough I usually eat the sweet one first but I don’t want the moment to end so fast. It was such a satisfaction. I wish they could have given me more.


this was the tepung pelita


made caramel too

What I eat for Iftar was actually Malaysian food. Of course nasi and lauk cause we cook everyday at home except for Saturday. I usually had my Iftar out but still had rice cause someone had to have rice but I did go for sushi once but still rice though. Here, we had lots of halal food, and also Malaysian restaurants. I went to Malay Kampung Restaurant. I don’t really know who’s the owner but there was a malaysian Chinese working there. The restaurant was quite small and there was no prayer room, so I dont really like that part but the food was okay. The service was a bit slow I guess cause the chef was only that Chinese guy. But they did have teh tarik. The price was of course 1000yen above for lauk. Its normal range for malaysian food. I had butter chicken and also Lala black pepper. It was nice. Another place was Malaychan in Ikebukuro. That place was quite huge. I ordered nasi goreng with telur cause they had satay with it. That was the only reason why I had it. And they have like milk tea with pearls and coconut ice cream. And they do have prayer room upstairs so it was really convenient. The food was great and it was a big portion too. They have steamboat, laksa and many more. It was really nice to eat there. I did had my Iftar at a Thai restaurant and also an Indian restaurant nearby my house. They don’t have prayer room but it was just a walking distance so I don’t really mind. And I did have Iftar with all the Shibaura students. We had the ChickenMan restaurant in Kiba fully booked for us.We had nasi biryani and of course the special karage(the best part) but I do prefer karage and the spicy sauce in chikenman Ueno though and also the worker there already know me so we always get extra karage. Hehe.

this is at malaychan


How do you actually spell terawih? Is it tarawikh? Or terawih? Or terawikh? I’m not sure but this is how I spell it. i do have a mosque near my house, Gyotoku Hira Masjid. It is a walking distance but quite far so I usually do it at home. But I did went to Majsid Tokyo Cami for terawih there. Tokyo Cami is the biggest mosque in Japan. Of course it is not that big but it was really pretty. The design inside was really nice. There were tourist too and also non muslim Japanese do come there for visiting and stuff. They do sell sejadah, Al-Quran and Turkey stuff. I’m not sure how many rakaat was it but I did till 8 as usual. But when you pray not in Malaysia together with other muslim from all over the country, there will be some people pray differently. Because of the different mazhab. Maybe it was weird at the first view, but I just think it was because of their mazhab so I don’t really find it that weird.

There is a story I would like to tell you guys about a Brazilian I met at Tokyo Camii. We were waiting for berbuka puasa that time and suddenly a woman came at us and ask us to help her wear a scarf. So we put it on her head and luckily I did have an extra pin so I just pin it to her scarf. When it was Maghrib, we had our kurma and she didn’t eat anything yet, so we gave her too. Then we went inside for prayer. The Brazilian went inside too. So after the prayer we had Iftar and stuff so while waiting for isya’ we were standing outside of the mosque and again we met the Brazilian woman. She had her Quran on her hand. She said she just bought it cause it was in Portuguese and it is easier for her to understand. She said that she has one in English too. And I was curious if she was a muslim or not. So then my friend and I asked her if she is a muslim. She is actually and atheist. But she said she is learning the Al-Quran and she said that it is so beautiful. So we asked her who did she came with. She came with a muslim friend here. She was waiting for him. I think it is really amazing that she who doesn’t have any beliefs wanted to learn about Islam and willingly to learn by herself. I did saw her friend and how excited was she when she told him that she bought a Quran in Portuguese. I really hope she will find her way in Islam soon. And I do feel amazing when I saw some Japanese muslim there. It was really different. In Malaysia, it’s a muslim country so most of us are muslim and some Chinese muslim, Indian muslim. It’s normal there. But for Japan, it is really rare to find a Japanese muslim. I can only meet them at the mosque. I thought it was like WOW kinda feeling. Not many Japanese do know about Islam. I do have a few classmates that do know about Islam. I have this class “”技術者倫理”. So this is the class we need to make a group and discuss about stuff. The sensei always bring food for the students, so one of my groupmates took the food for us but then I said I’m fasting. Then my another groupmate came and said “It’s Ramadhan already?”( he said in Japanese actually). So he did know. He said that he did learn a bit in a class and there was a test question ‘During Ramadan, how long does muslim fast?’ so he answered that muslim can eat at night only during ramadan. There are a few people who do know about Islam a bit. My Japanese friend, she does know about we, women, need to cover our hair and after we got married only our husband can see it. I think maybe Shibaura has many international students, so it is normal for them to see people wearing scarf. But some of them don’t really know the purpose of it, they just thought maybe we want to keep ourselves warm from the winter but they don’t really find it weird wearing it I guess.

this is Masjid Tokyo Camii

Thats all from me. I hope you guys enjoy reading this. Not much but maybe in the next Ramadhan. Till we meet again in the next post.




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