Here would be some appetizer before the real game begins. NOPE this is not foodappetizer (SORRY) This is my 2 weeks life before I start my classes. It was a very very nice two weeks which I hope I could turn back time and stay in that two weeks😣

When we first arrived in Tokyo, we stayed at the seminar house in Hachioji. I loved the building, the design was so interesting (for me). We stayed for like 2-3 days differ by flights. Then we got separated and everyone had to go to their new living place. So I will be going to Gyoutoku (in Chiba, nearby Tokyo), that is where I live now. It’s an apartment. Living in the city, don’t expect to have got a cheap house. Well, basically Japan houses are small but for that price and in the city, you’ll get a smaller house. If you’re living somewhere in the countryside you might get a chance to live in a bungalow even cheaper than my house cost. Eventhough my house ain’t that big but it’s really convenient. All the convenient stores are nearby, lots of halal restaurant, we have sushi and also halal supermarket. All in walking distance and not to forget my train line is cheap.


The first thing we did was to check in our house. YEAY! I stay with two of my friends here. After settling the house, we went to settle down the residential card and stuff and then we had our dinner. Then we had to buy our futon to sleep at night cause it’s not a fully furnished house and it’s SO COLD (Thank God we have a heater in the house). Btw, I bought my furnitures from Nitori (walk about 20mins from my house), Ikea(ordered from an uncle who sells Ikea stuff), Daiso, secondhand shop and also got some stuff from Senpai.

I didn’t have internet for two weeks cause I didn’t buy a new phone here. I just think it’s a waste of money cause my iPhone 6 is still good and I’ve been using it for only two years. You have to at least have that bank book to buy the phone and for my case I need to wait for the bank card for like 1-2 weeks, then I can buy the SIM card. Japan uses so many cards that some of them don’t even have cash in hand.

Let’s start talking about some places that I went in that two weeks, shall we.

In Japan their new year kinda like start in April. That is when the spring season. Its kind of like a very welcoming season with the beautiful sakura and all the flowers. So we had this MALAYSIAN GATHERING in Shinjuku Gyoen. Man, there’s a lot of people actually queuing to enter the park and you need to pay for the entrance ticket too. I think its about 200yen. I’m not sure cause I didn’t really pay for it. But it is worth it. The park is really damn big and all around you are filled with colorful trees and sakura. So just bring your mat and food and have picnic with family and friends.

Well, there are some other places too to watch sakura. I accidentally went to the Ueno Park. I was really curious that time why are there so many people having picnic when the sakura wasn’t that much. So one night I took a walk there and OH MY GOD, its so dam pretty, with the lights and sakura and they even have a temple at the back and food stalls (bought the chocolate banana). I didn’t know cause I didn’t really enter the Ueno Park at first till that night. You can have a picnic there too but the space wasn’t that big compared to Shinjuku Gyoen but the view was still terrific.

I didn’t want my sakura days to end so quickly, sakura just bloom for 1-2 weeks so I gotta have found more. And I decided to go to Chidoriga-fuchi. This is the PERFECT DATING place. There is no place for picnic but instead, you can ride a boat. No, I didn’t ride the boat cause the queue was too long and you have to wait for hours to ride em. So I just took a stroll around the park till I entered another park (kinda like a circle).

Here are some pictures of the my days with sakura.

17757596_10209199612573346_5559126422460559544_nThis would be me and my friends Shinjuku Gyoen

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Ueno Park

Well, if you stay in Tokyo, you don’t wanna miss your Shibuya Moments right?

Shibuya is like one dream place. Its like an asian version of New York City. And the main would be of course the Shibuya Crossing Road. Man, there are so many people did actually walk through that crossing road all the time. I tried to take pictures there but it was so epic fail. And you can do timeline like people used to do on Instagram and stuff at the Starbucks just in front of the Shibuya Crossing Road. There are actually many people at the Starbucks holding phones and cameras for that crossing moment. What I did in Shibuya was of course shopping. You have like big h&m, forever 21, Lush, Under Armor  and not to forget the famous Shibuya 109 and lots more. If you want to buy pretty heels, buy at “POOL SIDE” in Shibuya 109 first floor. (Recommended by my friend, Aina and I did bought my heels there). It is super comfortable and so pretty. I haven’t found any shoes that are prettier than pool side shoes yet.

my epic fail shibuya crossing road picture
this is shibuya

Lastly I would like to share my journey at Asakusa. I went to Nakamise-Dori. From there you can get straight to the Senso-ji Temple. The street at Nakamise was packed with people. Don’t go there during summer. For me its a perfect place souvenirs. Lots of food, mochi, fish magnets and all types of souvenirs. And I had a really nice taste of MELON PAN at Asakusa. Its crunchy at the outside and soft the inside. You can find the stall after reaching the Sensoji temple, its on the left side I think, there’s another street and there is where people queuing for the melon pan. But it was so SEDAP. From Asakusa, I actually walked to Tokyo Sky Tree. But there is actually a train to the sky tree but is quite expensive so I prefer walking. About 20mins walking distance. You can see sky tree from a red bridge and also you can see that Giant Gold of ASAHI Building. A great place to take photo of course.

this is the Nakamise-Dori
the red bridge that I mentioned above
this is Akihabara. I went there to buy my Sim Card. the got a very big Yodobashi here

Btw, I only used Ginza line train to get to Shibuya, Asakusa and Ueno. They are all in the same line.


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