Here would be some appetizer before the real game begins. NOPE this is not foodappetizer (SORRY) This is my 2 weeks life before I start my classes. It was a very very nice two weeks which I hope I could turn back time and stay in that two weeks😣

When we first arrived in Tokyo, we stayed at the seminar house in Hachioji. I loved the building, the design was so interesting (for me). We stayed for like 2-3 days differ by flights. Then we got separated and everyone had to go to their new living place. So I will be going to Gyoutoku (in Chiba, nearby Tokyo), that is where I live now. It’s an apartment. Living in the city, don’t expect to have got a cheap house. Well, basically Japan houses are small but for that price and in the city, you’ll get a smaller house. If you’re living somewhere in the countryside you might get a chance to live in a bungalow even cheaper than my house cost. Eventhough my house ain’t that big but it’s really convenient. All the convenient stores are nearby, lots of halal restaurant, we have sushi and also halal supermarket. All in walking distance and not to forget my train line is cheap. Continue reading “APPETIZER”


Hey everyone! Well, first and foremost of course would be a bit of introduction about me. Hi I’m Zaty or mainly known as Zatyjaejoong. Some people called me zaty or Jaejoong and some other names so suit yourself. I’ve been thinking a lot of doing this like should I or shouldn’t I. And yes, lastly I think I should. I don’t know why. Ever since high school or even my primary years I will have a diary so I kinda have lots of them. But after my high school years are over, I’d said SAYONARA to my diary👋. Ever since I entered JAD I didn’t get the chance to write and yeah that is the reason why I don’t have a diary anymore. Not just to write but to read my novels too (still haven’t read the final book of House of Night ,bought it since 2014)😪.

So, yeah right now I’m a girl currently living in TOKYO (my dream since forever 😍).

Dreams do come true if you work for it people.

I stepped my foot in Narita Airport on 21st of March 2017. So here is where the journey begins.

I’ll share some of my thoughts, my journey and some random posts (maybe) here. Keep on reading my blog if you wanna know more.

I’ll try my best to keep update (not sure if I have a busy life here or not 😰)